Lighting isn’t just another element added to your wedding decor: it enhances, improves and transforms every other element of the room. With lighting
we can enhance architecture, illuminate centerpieces, break up the monotony of plain spaces and even wash the entire room with color to create a
modern, elegant appeal. Set the mood: Most importantly, lighting sets the mood. Simply dimming lights at the appropriate time during the event or
changing their colors can create the desired vibe and atmosphere more effectively than expensive centerpieces and fancy tablecloths.

Look good: When choosing a color palette for your wedding lighting, it is always better to go with soft, beautiful colors that are flattering to the human
complexion (amber, blush pink, peach, etc). While we love bold colors such as greens and blues, their effect on the visual appearance of skin tones is less
desirable, making people’s faces look paler than they actually are. Your photographer and videographer will also appreciate a well-thought lighting
design that will showcase you and your guests in the best possible way. Think about how good you will look on camera!
Lighting Production
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