Are you considering having your corporate event or  your destination event in
New York City.  We can help you select the appropriate venue for your
corporate event.  New York City will inspire you, but if you're not a native,
planning an event can be challenging. In the "
city that never sleeps" Perhaps
the greatest reason to choose New York as a destination for your event is that
each season presents a different and exciting cityscape so whether you're
getting married in the spring or celebrating a birthday in the fall, New York has
all the elements to bring your event to life. You'll want to decide the time of the
year for your affair well ahead of time. With all the wonderful neighborhoods
and historic parts of town, New York is the perfect place for your event.
If you are out of town don't stress we are here to guide you and we will stand
by your side every step of the way to assist you in orchestration your next
event of meetings or corporate events. We offer you a critical look at each
possible venue, whether it is a luxury resort or a conference facility, an airport
hotel or civic center, museum or aquarium.

Once we are contracted as your partner and exclusive representative for your
Meeting, Conference, Seminar and Promotion Event journey, our first step is a
needs analysis and assessment based on the type of program or event that we
are designing. Next, we conduct a thorough virtual search of options within a
given geographical region. We research even the most unlikely possibilities as
often the last place we might look will offer the perfection combination of
availability, price, meeting space, and climate, among other elements. PWJ
Events works on your behalf, always concerned about your costs, successful
outcome, corporate identity, and expectations of your guests.    

As time and budget permits, one of our professional managers will personally
fly to the preferred geographical region, city, or country, and conduct an
On-Site Evaluation of the Facilities. While we are able to make
recommendations of facilities without conducting an on-site inspection, it is not
our preference. We prefer to become engaged in the process from the
beginning, actually touring the facility and identifying any needs, advantages,
or disadvantages before involving you in the final decision-making process.

Lastly, we narrow down our recommendations to three (3) acceptable venues
that meet all the necessary criteria, based on exacting standards and
expectations from the venue, and present these options to you. You will have
the final decision, naturally, based on our recommendations. Then the
negotiation process begins, spearheaded by a professional Meetings and
Events Executive. Upon completion of our thorough negotiation process, the
contract for the event is issued.
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If you're planning a major
conference,  business getaway, a
team building event.     Or a small
forum for company executives.
Well, the Caribbean is the perfect
place for you group.

We put together this ranking of the
best Caribbean hotels for meetings
using a variety of criteria, including
the quality of the hotel, the quantity
and quality of meeting space
(depending on the different kinds of
facility you may need), restaurant
offerings, local activities and more.

And the list features properties both
large and small, because while
sometimes you want a large
conference center, other times you
just need an intimate facility for a
private retreat. With select top-level
meeting space and  all  the perks
you want during your downtime —
beautiful beaches, great golf courses
and more.

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